.: Magic Hat Animations & Effects

In the Year 2017 Magic Hat Animations & Effects was founded as a company by Richard Forrester to create visual effects and produce web series of its own You Tube channels with aspirations to create movies in the future. In the Year 2016 before Magic Hat Animations & Effects was created storyboards already existed for various projects Rich Forrester created. In December of 2016 after trying to come up with a company name Magic Hat Animations & Effects was decided on to be the official name for the production company. At the beginning of January 2017 Magic Hat Animations & Effects became an official Limited Liability Company in the State of Missouri. In February of 2017 Magic Hat A&E filed a Trademark with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office and a Copyright on its Official Logo of a Rabbit on a Magical Hat. As of the Year 2018 there are 5 projects being worked on for future use. The first project has become a production called the Candy Creepers which is animated and is due to be up on You Tube as a series in April of 2018.


The Candy Creepers